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About GHI International Sales, Inc.

GHI International Sales, Inc. was established in Tulsa, Oklahoma in1995. Tulsa has been known for over 75 years as a center for oil production and processing. As a result of this industry, many equipment manufacturers have made Tulsa, Oklahoma their home for sales and innovative research.

GHI International Sales, Inc. began as a supplier for locating the products needed for these companies.


When oil is extracted and processed, it is brought to the surface and transported to the refineries in the immediate area. Over the years, the world has become a much smaller place and the opportunities for our expertise has grown to be world wide.

GHI International Sales, Inc. has been active in the middle east, supplying to Kuwait National Petroleum, Kuwait Oil Co., Aramco, Amoco and other major oil producing companies in Saudi Arabia region.

GHI International Sales, Inc. has had a presence in Africa, supplying to Egypt, Angola, Zaire and Nigeria.


Our partner in the UK is very active in the gas recovery/control products.


Our partner in India is developing the oil production industry, by refining the oil as it is brought to the surface and treating it before it is transported.

We have a special product, the entrance bushing that is made by GHI International Sales, Inc. and has been installed all over the world in electrostatic heaters. We are very proud of the quality and the endurance this entrance bushing has provided to our customers. Call and let us tell you about it.

Our main focus is the customer. We are driven to supply the best products for your
requirements. Over the years many products have changed and we are making every effort to provide the updated item for your equipment. If, however, a new/old/unused piece of equipment is required and available we will supply it.

We are very experienced in the procurement of hard to find items. Our main focus as stated above is to Provide for the customer.

GHI has always meant ‘GOTTA HAVE IT’!

We source new equipment only.

  • Valves

  • Meters

  • Filters

Brands we stock:

  • Ariel

  • Bellco

  • Nov

  • Grant Prideco

  • Schramm

  • Ingersoll-Rand

  • Gardner-Denver

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